64 Years of Priesthood

“He that honors the Priest, will honor God also… ‘He that receives you,’ He says, ‘receives Me’ (Matt. 10:40). ‘Hold my priests in honor’ (Sirach 7:31), He says… For when a man is piously disposed towards the Priest, he is much more so towards God.” —St John Chrysostom, 2nd Homily on 2 Timothy Today marks […]

Saint Paul on Marriage

Most of our friends and family members have already entered into, or will enter into, marriage. Observing the experiences of those close to us, we see what struggles and blessings wait for two people who choose to make a life together. We see what works and what doesn’t. We see good, healthy, strong marriages, and, […]

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity!” (Ps. 133) In early January of this year, Father Nicholas Solak invited me to take part in a Clergy Peer Learning Group which was being started in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania. Father Nicholas is the rector of Holy Trinity in […]