64 Years of Priesthood


“He that honors the Priest, will honor God also… ‘He that receives you,’ He says, ‘receives Me’ (Matt. 10:40). ‘Hold my priests in honor’ (Sirach 7:31), He says… For when a man is piously disposed towards the Priest, he is much more so towards God.” —St John Chrysostom, 2nd Homily on 2 Timothy

Today marks Father John Nehrebecki’s 64th anniversary of ordination to the Priesthood. His Eminence, Archbishop Michael celebrated the Liturgy, joined by Father John, Archpriest David Vernak (St Alexander Nevsky, Allison Park, PA), Archpriest Samuel Kedala (Holy Spirit, Wantage, NJ), Archpriest Victor Gorodenchuk (St Stephen Cathedral, Philadelphia, PA), and Priest Leonid Schmidt, Acting Rector of Christ the Saviour.

Over 60 faithful attended the Liturgy. Following the dismissal, Father John spoke of his parents’ example of piety and faithfulness. Besides attending services for every Sunday and Feast Day, they provided a separate room in their house for the poor and destitute. Sunday meals were an occasion to speak about the Gospel reading and homily.

This churchly life formed a desire for the priesthood in young John, who would go on to found over ten parishes in New Jersey. For all of this and more, we are grateful for Father John’s service, and ask that God grant Him many more years in His vineyard!

“O my brethren, great and most great is the shepherd over Christ’s spiritual flock. He is responsible to pray to God for all and all the faithful are required to pray to God for him. O Lord, Supreme Hierarch, sustain the Orthodox priests in strength, in wisdom, in purity, in zeal, in meekness and in every apostolic virtue by the Grace of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.” —St Nikolai Velimirovich

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